Book Lessons In Your Home or Online

Our teachers are still available to work with new students during Covid-19!  Just let us know if you prefer to work with a teacher in your home (the way we usually offer our services) or online


Please fill out the form on this page to book piano lessons and we’ll be in touch to discuss your teacher assignment with you as soon as possible.  Check out some details about booking with us:


  • The first lesson will be a trial offered at £5 off the standard rate. The trial is the only upfront fee.


  • Standard rates: £25 for 30 minutes, £32 for 45 minutes, and £37 for 60 minutes. We offer a family discount of two consecutive 30-minute lessons for £37.


  • Lessons are taught once weekly, privately (one to one), and primarily in students’ homes.  However, if you’d prefer to take lessons online during Covid-19, just let us know and we can provide further details regarding holding lessons virtually


  • Students will need pianos in their homes for their lessons and weekly practice.  Suitable instruments will have 88 keys and can be digital or acoustic.  If you don’t already have your own piano, please fill out the contact form regardless and we’ll be happy to discuss with you.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

How would you prefer to take lessons?
In My HomeOnline
Do you have a piano with 88 keys (digital or acoustic) in your home?
YesNo All Possible Days

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